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Flood pictures - part 1

The river at the end of my street! My poor car! Looking out of my bedroom window!

Flood movie

The flooding on my street before it got too bad! This was early afternoon as the flooding started, at its worse it was above knee level!


On Friday I got home from work to find a river running through my street, it was awful. We had to wade through it to get to the house. Needless to say loads of stuff has been ruined. There was about 4-5 inches of water in the whole of my downstairs. We had no power that night as it had to be switched off for safety reasons. By late evening it had all drained away leaving a very soggy smelly house! The weekend was spent stripping the rugs, carpets and lino out so as the floor could start drying out. Everything else stayed put as I'm now waiting for the insurance company to come round and assess the damage. On Sunday we heard that the water supply would soon run out and that we might lose power. Yesterday we had no water left and we had a powercut and then we got evacuated by the police as they were expecting raw sewage to be flooding the houses. Luckily that hasn't happened yet and I will be going home later, I hear the electric is back on although that doesn't help all the

2000 trees festival

I went to a lovely small brand new festival near Cheltenham at the weekend called 2000 TREES . We had a FIGHT THE PIPE information stall there, we got quite wet on the Friday, dried out on the Saturday and then got wet again on the Sunday. I am now up to date with all the write-ups of the festivals on my website so take a look HERE for 2000 trees, Workhouse and Wychwood. The now famous information stall! Amazing sunset on Saturday night over the campsite with a hot air balloon in the distance.

Next fight the pipe benefit gig

Get yourself down to The Plough in Easton, Bristol for Inner Terrestrials and The Usual Suspects on Wednesday 25th July for a FIGHT THE PIPE benefit gig.

Workhouse festival

WOW... What a difference from last years festival! Last year was so hot we left the site on the Saturday afternoon to go to a lake and on the Sunday we sat by the river with our feet in the water. This year however was a rather different story! We ran a pipeline information stall at a very wet and muddy Workhouse festival. More details on my website in the festival section soon. Fight the Pipe information stall. Stilt-walking juggler. View of the festival. Amazing sculpture.


Just found some great pictures on someones myspace, thought I'd share......