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nature in the garden

i found a few interesting visitors to the garden the other day. Mint Moth Forest Shield Bug A Cricket I think. Not sure what type. Three types of Bee, the top one is a Bumble Bee, not sure about the other two. Thanks for looking :) xoxox

robinswood hill

We went for a walk up Robinswood Hill in Gloucester and found all sorts of wildlife. Comma Butterfly Red Soldier Beetles I think this is either a Ringlet or a Meadow Brown Butterfly. Anyone know? 7 Spot Ladybird Not too sure about this one, was much redder than the other ladybird & looks like its got 17 spots but I cant find one like it on the internet. Some green bugs I can't identify. Hoverfly Red Admiral Flat-backed Millipede Huge Dragonfly that wouldn't land for a photo lol Rosebay Willowherb Cherries on a Cherry tree Greenbottle Fly Burnet Moth Cute Duck at the farm Rabbit Cute Lamb Wood Pigeon Crows Thanks for looking :) xoxox

spiral tattoo

My friend came straight from a 10 day meditation retreat to us where Simon gave her the tattoo she'd wanted for ages... She found this grass that had grown into a heart while she was away... Thanks for looking :) xoxox


We spent a few days in the Brecon Beacons near all the waterfalls. We had lovely weather & so were able to take long walks through unspoilt countryside. We explored mountains, river banks, caves & waterfalls & saw loads of amazing nature. I caught these flies investigating a Foxglove flower... Wild Thyme... Doing what I love, taking photos... Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly... Horsetail... There was a bee's nest in that hole, you can just see a few bees on the ground... From inside a cave... I think this is a small brown Trout... Looking into the cave... Waterfall... Busta with a stick as usual... Having a cuppa by the fire... I think this is a Dunlin, can anyone confirm?... The best spotting was some Mink cubs. I saw at least 5 of them together but didn't have the camera to hand. I had to wade back accross the river to where we had stopped to get my camera. I went back & stayed for a while but they didn't reappear. Gutted I went back to sit down

fire in the forest

We have been having more fires outside for cooking rather than use the gas cooker in the van. We found out that Calor gas is not available in Europe & most countries have different bottles which means needing a different regulator. Camping Gaz is available everywhere which we may have to use but as it works out rather expensive we decided the best way to go was to cook on a fire as much as possible. We've even been watching Ray Mears to learn more about firelighting, fires & cooking techniques lol Here I am at one of our fires... We went to Symonds Yat & took a walk down the River Wye. We crossed the river on a small people ferry pulled along by this guy... We stopped on our walk to make a small fire in an old tin can to boil some water for a cuppa... Busta was a real pussy as usual when it comes to the water. Even though it was really shallow it took him ages to retrieve his stick... The next day we were near Speech House where there was lots of pony & traps leavin