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A photo of me?!

I don't post many photos of me as I'm the photographer! Today is a worthy day though as it is exactly a month to go until my 50th birthday. So I'm now into the last month of my forties! Thankfully these days a lot of women talk about menapause, going grey and getting older in a positive light and we aren't all made to feel like useless old hags 😂 but for sure there are differences I've noticed getting older that are not so positive. There is still a culture amongst men of a certain age to dismiss you now you are no longer a fertile breeding machine. Men who call you moody/miserable/hard work just because you've got to an age where you can speak your truth without fearing rejection. Men who dislike you because your not scared to call them out on their outdated mysoginistic behaviour. I might add that I find younger men of around my son's age (29) not at all like this and they are far more respectful, it's men of a similar age to me I find particularly un