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Surplus festival

A new festival for 2014 was Surplus fest in Wales which I had read about while we were still in Portugal. It looked great and seemed to want to appeal to all of the alternative festival goers if you like. A big bonus was that dogs were allowed! We had decided that although it looked great we needed to work and not party but after meeting up with old friends and making new ones over the summer solstice weekend we decided we just couldn't miss it. Simon managed to get a ticket and I got a job stewarding and we went. I am so glad we did as loads of friends were there and again we made loads of new ones. In fact in the week after Surplus fest I got about 30 new Facebook friends just from that festival, the most I've ever got at any one time! Surplus fest appealed to travellers due to dogs being allowed, cheap tickets and great bands and so we felt again as on the ridgeway among our travelling family. The festival was great despite the organizers having to change venue which led to

Summer Solstice

Our first summer solstice in the UK for 4 years and what better place to spend it than parked up on the ridgeway near Avebury with our friends and fellow travellers. The gathering on the ridgeway continues to grow although not as much as I thought it might have done. And there are still far too many people at the stones in Avebury dropping their litter everywhere... WHY O WHY do they do it? The ridgeway was great and we unexpectedly bumped into a few travellers we had met in Spain and Portugal over the last few years. We also made some beautiful new friends :) Avebury stones and litter: Enjoying the first rays of the sun:  The ridgeway: Me and my stall which was a great success:  Travellers on the ridgeway: Thanks for looking :) xxx

Strawberry Fair

After years of hearing about this festival I finally made it to my first Strawberry Fair. I must say I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't the hippy utopia I imagined it to be but then times have changed and we all know how wrong it is to be free!! Fencing all around, jobs worth stewards and a very visible police presence crushed my dreams that this little festival hadn't lost it's original vibe. On the plus side it is still free and there were some great bands on :) Strawberry Fair:   Gail Something Else:  The Defekters: Thanks for looking :) xxx

Vegfest Bristol

At the end of May there was Bristol's annual vegan festival. I first went to this lovely event years ago before they had bands on (when it was free lol). I discovered great new vegan food there and realised how many yummy things there are in a vegan diet. I also met some amazingly dedicated animal rights campaigners. Over the years the event has grown, I hadn't been for a number of years but when I heard my friends Zion Train were playing on the Sunday evening how could I not go? We spent the afternoon tasting all sorts of varied vegan foods and chatting to food lovers and campaigners and as the evening drew in we got to here sounds from Black Roots followed by Zion Train. A great day out :) The Festival: Black Roots: Zion Train: Thanks for looking :) xxx