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Shhh just a very little bit of weightloss!

Very quick update bloggers as not much time and not much news. the diet is still go pretty well, as always more disciplined at work with food and exercise. Now having 5 weeks off so a real test of my mental strength!! I have only lost 1lb in these last 4 weeks so now 10st12lb (69.1kg), my B.M.I. is 26.7 and my body fat is 38.8%. So a very slight drop in everything and really need to focus on this while off work so as I don't end up putting weight back on! Thats it for now, check out the tags on the left hand side of the page to look at past posts with more in depth detail about the fast and feast diet and power walking. Thanks for reading :) xxx

Shiva's Eye, Goddesses, Wagons, Flower of Life, Caravans & Hagstones... all for sale on my Ebay!

Before I start lets be clear... it is CHEAPER to buy my stuff direct from me via this blog, my Facebook page or website. You can buy through Ebay which of course offers buyer protection but you can see how good my feedback is on Ebay and the feedback on my Facebook page and website. CLICK HERE FOR MY FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE FOR MY WEBSITE CLICK HERE FOR MY EBAY PAGE Ok now we've got that out of the way here are some new things I have been making recently, all for sale at the various outlets listed above and listed again at the end of this post. Shiva's Eye is one of the most magical things I have ever found. I first came across them 5 or so years ago when I picked one up on a beach in the south of Spain. Someone there told me they were called Shiva's Eye and it was a lucky find as they are quite rare. Over a few years of walking the same beaches often for months due to staying down there I had found nearly 50 of these gems. I tried using my little hand drill to m