Eviction occurred Tuesday morning at ten o'clock. It happened suddenly, the roads went quite then police car, after police car after bailiff van after bailiff van came storming down the road. The site was incredible. Bailiffs were ordering people away before they had even parked their vans.

They blocked the A40 for the morning, which caused a lot inconvenience and cancellations for the locals. Protesters, local support, press and any other spectators were kept in a pen, too far away to offer any support.

National Grid started work on the fields next to the land before the first arrest, by the end of the day the land was indescribable.

Getting ready to evict.

Throughout the day the protesters remained upbeat singing and laughing although their home was being destroyed. It was a very emotional site. There were six arrests on Tuesday, all were released later that evening, three with cautions, two on bail and one with nothing. The two on bail went to court on Wednesday and were released on conditional bail and court charges of £50.

One protester sat on his home made flying bike in the trees which caused confusion and concern for the bailiffs. Others were in treehouses and tunnels.

On Wednesday there were another six arrests, five released with a caution and one with a court hearing.

Cops in the Copse.

The Fight the Pipe crew have now split into a few smaller groups to work on plans for the next stage of protesting. We will be letting you know real soon what our plans are!

Meanwhile please come and visit us at Workhouse festival next weekend where we will be in the campaigns area with a information stall.

Heartfelt thanks to all those that have sent messages of support and donations. We really are very grateful. Thank you all so much!

Lots of Love from the FIGHT THE PIPE crew xoxox

Meanwhile the rivers in Wales run red from the earth that has been moved during construction of the pipeline. National Grid really does have blood on it's hands as the veins of the countryside show.

The red rivers in Wales.