Last weekend at Brecon camp :-(

After packing up our information stall in Gloucester city centre I made what was to be my final visit to the Brecon protest camp. We are now all trespassers on land in possession of National Grid. Last minute defences were being made and notices were tied to trees to warn the bailiffs of birds nests and ropes that shouldn't be cut. The weather was beautiful and the birds sang to us as we sat around the campfire.

It was very hard to say goodbye to this beautiful, magical woodland. We take with us some very happy memories, friends that have been made for ever and peace of mind that at least we have tried to make a difference here.

Banner over entrance to camp.

Chilling out in the sun at camp.

Cops in the copse?

Brecon tree camp.

Notice to the bailiffs.

Bicycle in the trees!

Notice to the bailiffs.

Brecon tree camp.

This was up at the camp for many months.

This is how close National Grid are to the tree camp now.