cathedral visit


yesterday me and the spark went to gloucester cathedral for a mooch around. i haven't looked around properly in there since lee was small although we do go there once a year for his schools founders day service.

random 'arty' shot!

parts of the building are 1000 years old and steeped in some very interesting history. the building started life as a benedictine monastery which would have been left to ruin if edward II hadn't been buried here.

great east window.

the great east window is as big as a tennis court and was made in about 1350. it would have been grander than anything ever seen in england at the time.

robert, duke of normandy.

also buried here is robert, duke of normandy who was the eldest son of william the conqueror. he died in 1134 at cardiff castle, a prisoner of his brother king henry I.

down the well!

more pictures from the cathedral on my website right HERE!


Anonymous said…
oh no! not the cathedral. you sure know how to show someone a good time!
Sam Van Dweller said…
yeh i sure do......