When Europeans adopt the rhetoric of migrants

A recent report by Cléo Marmié highlights how the Coronavirus lock-down has forced some of the tourists and foreigners stranded in Morocco, to adopt a special rhetoric. According to the researcher, thousands of these people stranded in Morocco turned to social media, using a discourse of border, migratory injustice and discrimination. Thousands of people discover, dazed, the reversibility of the migratory situation and the temporary disappearance of their travel privileges. The situation has pushed those who are yet the privileged ones in this world, with passports authorising entry, without formality or with a simple visa, to act like vulnerable migrants, the same source added.

European citizens experienced being kept waiting, as well as uncertainty and a feeling of dispossession in the face of diplomatic and administrative decisions, whose impact on their lives and their freedom of movement spark their outrage. The study concludes that the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted its intrinsic inequalities, the differentiated value of lives and the selective emotions when one faces the intolerable.

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