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More about me...

♥ I left behind life as I knew it and started on a journey. The journey in a physical sense has seen me living on the road for ten years now travelling in the UK, Ireland France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. This journey has and continues to be amazing, discovering new places and meeting new people who constantly inspire me. On an emotional level this journey has made me re-evaluate everything I believe in, made me question today's society and helped me to become more open hearted and honest about myself and with others. I am learning to love myself more which in turn has let me love others more. ♥

♥ I have respect and love for the earth and all who dwell upon her. I am always finding new things to learn and love learning from inspirational and creative people. ♥

♥ The society which we now live is corrupt, materialistic and fake. People have forgotten to love each other, to talk to each other and how to be honest and caring to each other. We live in an oppressive society where our spiritual growth and awareness is being controlled by the elite as they want us all as slaves. To live free is a very hard thing to do in these times. It is time to remember who we really are. The mind can be controlled but the heart cannot so trusting in what your heart says helps through these times. ♥

♥ If that which you seek in not found within you, you will never find it without you. ♥

♥ For every difference that makes us unique, there is a common thread that connects us all. ♥

Thanks and Love, Sam xxx