spring equinox at stonehenge

We went to Stonehenge for the spring equinox sunrise. There was no sun to be seen due to cloud cover but at least the rain held off :) There was a few hundred people there and a few vans and trucks parked up at the drove. There are proposals for a new visitors centre further away from Stonehenge and closing the nearby road. They will then restore the countryside to a more natural environment. All this is great news except the fact that they also plan to close a by-way nearby known as the drove. Many people park their vehicles there when visiting the stones particularly at the spring and autumn equinoxes and at winter solstice. On these 3 occasions the stones are open at sunrise for free but there is no parking in the car park on those nights/days. Many people fear they could be left with no where to park and more importantly somewhere to get some rest before driving home. People do stay up all night and drink alcohol on these celebration sunrises and it's important they can freely park up their vehicle and get some sleep or rest until they are able to drive. Some of the by-way further up will still remain I think so it might just mean a longer walk but for people with disabilities it still may be a problem. If they don't allow people to park in their carpark they owe people who want to visit somewhere to park up. The stones belong to us all not just English Heritics, look at their website for more information on the proposals.

xoxox spring blessings xoxox