beautiful nature in the forest of dean

We went for a lovely walk in the Forest of Dean yesterday. It was nice to get out and forget about ebay, rental agents, currency, jobs and the cat! The forest was looking beautiful, with the first signs of spring all around. It was like the forest was waking from a long sleep. 

We found a lake that was frozen in places but Busta still decided he wanted to swim :) I was really pleased how this shot came out. I wasn't even thinking about the water droplets coming off him but they showed up great in the bright sunshine. I'm looking forward to the next time he goes swimming, I'll actually set my camera to the optimum settings to capture this sort of shot!

 When we got back to the car park some cheeky sheep were eating all the food people leave for the birds. Some evn climbed up onto a massive tree trunk to get a meal :)

When the sheep ate all they could find the birds came back in full force. There was a variety of birds visiting to find food. First a blackbird came to visit closely followed by some blue tits, great tits, robins, pied wagtails and chaffinches.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures. Thanks for looking :) xoxox