Where did the time go?

I had all good intentions to write lots in my blog during lockdown and I started quite well! At the beginning I was inspired to write more, take more photographs, read more books and to learn the mandola. As the lockdown went on I had a period of feeling very lethargic and did hardly anything except play stupid games on my phone. I guess this sort of thing happened to lots of people but it's a weird one! Anyway to cut a long story short we stayed in Imsouane, the village in Morocco we had been locked down in until early July when we got offered a place in a ferry leaving on 7 July to Algeciras in Spain. Although we had originally planned to stay in Morocco until we could use our return ticket we realised that that may never happen and so we took the offered ferry at £200 for us both and the van. The journey up to the ferry was lovely with some great stops at a couple of normally very touristy places. Seeing Essaouira and Chefchouen without the hoards of tourists was great and we even had our first meal out in months! We were up near Tangier Med port the day before the ferry and had an amazing grilled sardine lunch at a lovely family restaurant. We couldn't manage all the sardines, they brought so many and we also got olives and salad and bread as well as a couple of soft drinks. The bill? A very reasonable £8!! We were sad to say goodbye to Morocco, it's wonderful people, cheap prices and tasty food but we knew it was time to leave and boarded the ferry the next day, after getting our temperature taken. On the ferry people were generally abiding by social distancing measures and wearing masks. We had to fill in a form with our details and before we knew it we were back in Europe. We spent a couple of days in Spain which seemed very subdued compared to the Spain we know and were soon back in the Algarve. We are now 14 days here, we didn't have to quarantine but we have mainly kept to ourselves. We have seen some friends, no-one we know seems too concerned about mixing with others. It's a weird situation as we have been very strict during the lockdown not to mix with others. Friends still come to hug us, some we have said no, some seem to be able to get in quick and before we know it we are in an embrace! Luckily there have been few cases in this area but I am aware it only takes one person to contract it and spread it around. So that's it for now, I will endeavour to keep posting and I have left Facebook now so do not have that as a distraction! I do keep up my photography and travel adventures on our band Instagram page which is HERE!

Thanks for reading :)