I have noticed that my past few blog posts contain quite a lot of negative points about stuff. It wasn't deliberate and obviously reflects on how I'm feeling about things.

Getting too involved in stuff online is pointless but happens to the best of us sometimes and has certainly not helped my mood. Instead of focusing on the positive, I have been too focused on the negatives.

So here begins a series of posts with only good things to say! Today I want to talk about books, well actually I'm not going to do too much talking. I'm taking my favourite 12 books from the last few years and just saying one sentence about each. If it sounds interesting I'm sure you can find reviews (and spoilers) written by professional book reviewers online!

Ducking and diving in Bali's underground world of cocaine dealers.

Physical and sexual abuse, underage prostitution and an early life spiralling out of control.

A Mexican couple trying to find a better life but facing prejudice and hardship.

Bukowski's alter ego reveals his childhood and coming of age growing up poor in Los Angeles during the great depression.

We are told the potatoe crop failed and people starved to death, the truth is that no-one needed to starve.

Mercenaries, Nazis and Rastas try to overthrow the government of Dominica in a coup d'etat.

Distopian novel based on genetic experimentation and pharmaceutical engineering, close to the way the world is going.

Fascinating account of Marita Lorenz's life and although disputed by some makes for a great read.

An adopted child traces her birth parents. One Scottish, one Nigerian.

Harrowing but beautiful, the tale of love in a death camp.

Artists, poets, actors, musicians, painters are among the friends of Patti during the 70s in New York.

Probably one of the most bizarre books I've ever read, I couldn't put it down!

Thanks for reading :)