Levellers Inspired Tattoos

As some of you may know this blog is attached to my website, quite a large website full of things that interest me. The website is called Positive Evolution and I must admit over the last few years I hadn't done anything much with it. I still added festival reviews right up until the end of 2017 but traffic to it had slowed down considerably.

I put it down to a number of things, Social Media sites and other 'big' name websites taking everyone away from browsing little home-made personal websites. Getting a website seen in the first few pages of a Google search and possible loosing half of my website from the original host.

In 2005 I started my site and one of the pages that was always very popular was the 'Levellers Inspired Tattoos' page. The page was lost on my original website host and so died a death in cyber space. Due to having more time on my hands due to the lockdown I have been adding all the 'lost' pages to the new host.

I still have a few more old pages to add and will then start on the few new pages, So today my blog post is to tell you all about one of the old pages I have now added back. Have you guessed which one? Pretty obvious I guess hahaha.

It's the LEVELLERS INSPIRED TATTOOS page. Click on the name to be taken there and here's a few pictures of what you will see there....

This is my Levellers Tattoo :)

This is Jason's Levellers Tattoo based partly on mine :)

This is Ed's Levellers Inspired Tattoo

Tara's Levellers Tattoo

I try and get people to tell me a bit about their tattoo, their favourite Levellers song or album and a little anecdote about the tattoo or themselves, This is what Tara (picture above) said:

Tattoo done: 2010 in Seattle by Joe Who at Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlour
Fav Levs song: Belaruse
Fav Levs album: Levelling the Land
First Levs gig: Never! They don’t tour anywhere near me (New Zealand and U.S.)
Been into the Levs since: 1994
I decided I wanted a tattoo that symbolized my personal, political, and musical beliefs in one. I am a musician (bassist) and have always loved fiddle above all other instruments. I searched high and low for something that represented those things, and then one day I had an epiphany. As a Levs fan of 15+ years, it occurred to me that what I loved about their music was that it indeed represented all of the above. Joe took the fiddler/devil image and created a second bass-player, added in the rolling anarchy symbol, and voila!

Please do pop over to my website and have a look at all the other tattoos and read the stories and please share the page so as I can add some new ones. So many of the ones there were taken over 10 years ago before everyone had decent cameras on their phones! It would be great to have some better quality images and new stories!

Thanks for looking :)