Something Else in the Dean.

Since we have been away on our travels an amazing little festival has popped up very close to our base in Gloucester. The Forest of Dean is only a 20 minute drive away and many a day have we spent dog walking, picnicking and camping there over the years. Now though it holds an even better attraction, 'Something Else in the Dean' put on by a very talented singer songwriter Gail Something Else. Her festival has been so successful that she now puts on two more, 'Something Else up North' and 'Something Else somewhere else'. A great idea to put on more small festivals rather than let her original one grow like so many do. Set in the lovely surroundings of the Forest of Dean at Elton Mazes it is a great family friendly, dog friendly cheap non commercial weekend. No security prowling around although a few stewards in high viz jackets :( (Iwas one of them!). Although small it does boast three stages, a bar, tea tent, food and craft stalls, kids activities and workshops. At £30 for the weekend who could ask for more?

The Leylines.

 Gaz Brookfield.

 Communal fire.



 The festival site.

The Skraelings.

 More of the festival.

 Hattie Hatstar.

 Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores.

 Even more of the festival.

 Ash Mandrake.

New Groove Formation.

 Back to the Planet.

 Babar Luck.


 Firepit Collective.


Inner Terrestrials.

Thanks for looking :) xxx