Alchemy festival

Another great festival although getting a bit big for my liking and far too many stewards and security but to be fair to them they were nice and friendly but still unnecessary. One to go for to see loads of great bands thats for sure. I'm not going to do a massive write up about the festival but needless to say it was a great weekend. The campervan field crammed with loads of live-in vehicles proving it is still a favourite among many travellers despite the size. Most people I knew there were working there or were there in a band as although the ticket price may be worth it for the amount of bands that are on it is out of a lot of people's reach especially when paying for your truck and a couple of dogs! Anyway here is a selection of photos from the weekend...

The main stage.


Culture Shock.

The festival site.

Cheeky Monkeys.

Twitface social media site care of Woodlouse Productions.

Cara and Steve's acoustic set.

Testing the Alchemy phones on the Imagination network care of Woodlouse Productions.

Firepit Collective.

The Defekters.



Dub Pistols.




Broken Alchemy phone (cheap tat).

Military Surplus/RDF.



The Discount Orchestra.

Big Topp Brass Band.


Thanks for looking :) xxx