Cap Gris-Nez & Gorron

Bonjour! We are now in France after a smooth Euro tunnel crossing. The tunnel is a bit more expensive than the ferry but it is quicker & we are able to stay with Busta (the dog) who hates loud noises & I'm sure would hate being left in the van on his own on the ferry. We crossed at about 5pm after stopping at a supermarket on the way to stock up on t-bags & a few other things that are more expensive or hard to get over here! We stopped for the night just 20 miles or so outside Calais at Cap Gris-Nez, the same place we had found when we came back in June. There is a big carpark at the Cap which says not to park overnight, it might just be the summer though I can't remember now. Anyway we found a road just before there that goes down to the beach which has some car parking spaces & campervan spaces. It is free & you can stay as long as you want I guess! Also further along that coast road towards Boulogne are a couple more parking areas, handy to know when you are coming & going accross the channel :) We then went to visit a friend near Mayenne who has just bought a house there. A beautiful house, although it is only a shell at the moment it will be lovely when finished. He also has some land & old barns so plenty of renovating to do! On the way we stopped at a nice Aire (French rest area) in Gorron, it has water & electricity available there & a nice location on the riverbank. If you are in Gorron follow the campervan signs, there is a Super U supermarket a few minutes walk away as well. Handy to know if you are in the area :) We are now heading towards Carnac to have a couple of days seing the Neolithic sites in the area before heading south for the better weather!

Mussel farming on the beach at Cap Gris-Nez