Day 2

I sorted out some admin stuff on the computer. We were going to go into Cirencester but it started pissing down & has done ever since :( It's now nearly 4pm so the days a bit of a wash out. We did sort the van out though as yesterday we just bunged stuff in cos we were later than we expected & had to get over to the warehouse with our stuff. Battery on the laptop is about to run out, it only lasts a couple of hours which is pretty crap but I'm looking forward to writing some of this diary on paper sometimes... it sounds so old fashioned lol. Hope to upload it from time to time :)

Our 1st park up - Dad's drive!


Good luck Sam, will be following your exploits with interest. And the weather's improved now, so enjoy!!
Sam Van Dweller said…
thanks :) yes we've had lovely weather in avebury!