YAYNESS!! Beautiful Dayz again!

OK so a couple of hours after my last entry here on Saturday I got a phone call to say the lovely Greg 'Dreadzone' Roberts had said I could meet them there and come in with them to Beautiful Days! So after a very boring journey down the M5 on Saturday afternoon much of it going very slowly I arrived at a very muddy festival site in Devon. I have always loved this festival and it felt great to be back and as soon as I was out of the van and walking towards the main arena I bumped into some old friends. Eventually I got backstage after going the long way round as I had no idea where I was going and the layout had slightly changed since my last visit. I headed straight for the backstage bar where I bumped into one sixth of Dreadzone, new guitarist Chris and his girlfriend Katie. After a quick chat with them I bumped into Steve Swann from RDF and Dub the Earth who was also enjoying the chilled vibe at the bar. After a few minutes catching up I went off to find the rest of the band which wasn't hard as I walked out of the bar and straight into Dave who had driven half the band to the festival. We went to the dressing room where the rest of the band were getting ready for the gig. I hadn't realised they were going to be on so early (8pm) and it wasn't long before we were all up at the back of the stage. The Dreadz changed out of wellies into decent footwear and were finally on stage, the crowd went mad and the gig began. They played a storming set (OK I know I always say that, but they do!) Beautiful Days is a festival they love playing at and the crowd love them being there and you can really tell how much the band enjoyed the performance. Looking out onto the sea of happy faces bouncing around is incredible. After the gig it was back to the dressing room for a while until one of the production staff kicked us out so as someone else could use the room. We all milled around outside until some of the Dreadz were ready to go. Chris and Katie were staying for the rest of the weekend as was Dave but the other Chris was going home until we persuaded him otherwise. I'm pretty sure he's glad he stayed as we had a great night in the backstage bar and managed not to see any of the festival at all! Got up very late on Sunday and made a huge effort with a sore head and dodgy tummy to get out into the festival. I bumped into a couple more friends but we didn't last long out there and were soon back to the comfort of the backstage bar. After a couple of hours I had to leave to come home as it was Lee's 16th birthday the next day and I wanted to be up and clear headed. I left Dave and Chris in the backstage bar and made them promise to look after each other and I headed home, god only knows what sort of trouble they got themselves into LOL! Here are some photos of the Dreadzone gig, I did take some pictures on Sunday when I was out and about but they haven't come out, might be because I dropped my camera in the mud sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning.. doh!