Not very good at exercising and dieting!

Well blog readers I have not done so well this last couple of weeks. I have not weighed myself yet but I know if I have lost anything it is negligible!

The last time I was at work I did really well with the exercise and moderately well with eating. I then went home for 2 weeks where I walked for half an hour every day except 2 days but not so good with the eating then as my partner is mad about biscuits and I always find them hard to resist when we are watching a movie in the evenings!

I have now been back at work for 11 days and haven’t done much exercise, I did a couple of hill walks and an aerobics session but 3 out of 11 days is not so good. Some of it was circumstances, I just had to do other things in my break times, some was just lack of motivation. Some other days I did walk a little but not really enough to count as an exercise session! It has seemed so cold and yet two years ago when I was power walking most days I started in the January so it must have been cold then!

I haven’t done too badly on the eating but then it is always easier at work as not much temptation. My client did take me out for lunch though and I had pudding so that was a few pounds added!

So not sure if I will get to weigh myself before I leave here. While I am off next time it is my birthday so no doubt I’ll go and have a meal out and probably acquire some chocolates! Then when I am back at work next we have a Christmas meal to go to where I will have pudding! Christmas for us will be a quiet affair but I’m sure there will be biscuits and cake and chocolate!!

I am back at work a few days before new year and when I get here there will probably be lots of left over food to tempt me. I am trying to focus on having a proper detox for the whole of January with lots of exercise or else I will never get to my target of loosing this weight by the Spring or being fit enough to walk the length of the Malverns!

Thanks for looking :) xxx

P.S. In case you are wondering as I do not explain it all the time I do live-in care work and so work for 2 weeks in my clients home staying there 24/7, I then have 2 weeks off.