Health, weightloss, eating, exercise and getting creative!

My recent diagnosis with hypothyroidism has I admit given me the go ahead to break my healthy eating and exercise programme. It is silly and wrong as obviously eating healthily and taking regular exercise helps everyone no matter whether they have other health problems or not. With hypothyroidism of course eating healthy and exercise helps the condition but as it also causes weight gain I reasoned with myself that now I am on medication I could eat some treats more often. Actually it wasn't quite that simple, as we are going away at the end of the month for the winter I know that I will not have many treats while away. I also know that I can do an hour of power walking along the beach most days. Still I know I have slacked and can already feel I've gained a few pounds :(

Isn't stupid that we call things that are bad for us 'treats'. "I'm going to treat myself to a heart attack or obesity" doesn't sound quite as good as "I'm going to treat myself to a cream cake"! So the healthy eating hasn't slipped entirely, I am still getting at least 5 portions of fruit and veg nearly every day but have had my partners birthday so made him a lovely banoffee pie! That lasted a few days and before that I was given some cooking apples and so made a crumble and so had to buy some cream to go on it. Oh and then there was the left over digestive biscuits from making the pie not to mention the left over chocolate bar from grating some chocolate on the top!

I have also not done any power walking for a while either. As we are going away I have been shopping for things we need to take quite a lot in my break at work which is when I usually go. I have tried to walk as much as possible though, to walk to the shop or if that's not possible to park in the furthest car parking space away so as to walk a bit more that a few metres to the shop entrance! I also usually do a dog walk when I am not working so that helps too but I know I need to get back into the routine as I was doing pretty well.

I think it goes to show two things, one it is easy to let things slip and to make excuses for not doing something and two I am a sugar addict! So the winter is going to defiantly be a time for less food especially sugary foods like biscuits, cakes and chocolate. My partner is a biscuit addict and wants to take a whole box load of biscuits to Spain as he hates the ones out there. I am going to have to be really good and not eat too many of them myself. I decided maybe I could treat myself once a month to a bar of dark chocolate if I lay off the biscuits!! It will also be a time for more exercise, more walking and hopefully some yoga too.

I also hope it will be a time to reconnect with my partner after our long periods apart for the last 16 months (see my previous post on care work). I want to get creative again, I have taken some good photos this year but feel I am not improving as a photographer and so have downloaded some guides to read and aim to practice some more. I will also be drawing, painting and making things. I hope to find some delights washed up by the sea on my walks along the beach :)

I don't know that many people read this blog but I find it helpful getting some of these thoughts down to look at again but if you do read this thanks for looking :) xxx