Car park psychology

When I go to a car park I generally reverse into a space, why? Because there is no chance of a car driving past your behind as you reverse into it and much less chance of pedestrians being in the space. More importantly though when you leave the space you are looking forward with a clear view of any cars that are driving past and any pedestrians walking past. Of course it is easier to drive forwards into a space when you arrive and worry about getting out later.

As I looked around the supermarket car park today I noticed most cars had driven in forwards and noticed a few people gingerly backing out of their spaces including one near miss when a car drove past one reversing. So it started me thinking, the majority of people are taking the easy option at the start and although know it will be more difficult later they don't care. Is this a bit of a reflection of the attitude of people in the UK generally?

Eating quick and easy food knowing it is bad for you, using polluting easy to use products knowing they are poisoning the environment, letting our liberties be taken away knowing that one day we could have none left? Maybe it is a simple analogy but it kind of works for me.

After a quick count it seems only one third of the people in the car park reversed their cars into the spaces. Does that mean only about one third of the population are thinking a bit more long term, about the food they eat, the environment or their rights?

Scary thought! Thanks for reading :) xxx