horsedrawn summer holiday

On the August bank holiday weekend we went to the horsedrawn summer holiday, a small festival put on by horsedrawn travellers. The event had to move at the last minute as the landowner who had hired out a field to the travellers for their event got a better offer from some born again christian gypsies who also wanted to hold an event that weekend. Needless to say the greedy bastard took the better offer & the horsedrawn folk had to find another field a week before the gathering was due to go ahead. A field was found without permission of the land owner & so there was a visit from the police who allowed the event to go ahead with a warning that if the noise levels got too much they would be back to confiscate sound systems. Presuambly there was no complaits as nothing was shut down & I didn't see any police the whole weekend. For the very reasonable £10 admission price per person we stayed from the Friday until the Monday, we were also able to bring our dog. There was a stage/marquee which held workshops during the day & live music at night, also there was a couple of bars & a couple of food stalls & best of all there was no security! It was a very low-key event but good fun, very relaxed & a chance to catch up with some friends & make some new ones. Here's some pictures from the weekend...

 in the marquee at night


 riding through the site

 brilliantly painted caravan

 beautiful wagons

 i think these birds may be harris hawks but i'm no expert so correct me if i'm wrong!

 lovely truck & caravan

 the badge says "i've survived damn near everything!"

 lamp light


 socio suki

leaving the site on monday morning

thanks for looking :) xoxox