On Saturday after our visit to the Brecon protest camp we went back to Gloucester to pick up Jan and then drove to Narberth for a special invite only Powersteppers, Molara and Dubmerge gig. A long drive but well worth it!

Dubmerge were up first with some lovely dubby tunes and special guest singer whose name escapes me but I do remember he spends most of his time in Goa if thats any help!

Next up was Molara with Dubmerge and Colin Powerstepper. They did about 12 songs including My Flag, Heart of Stone, Magic and old Zion Train favourite Love Revolutionaries. Molara sounded as sweet as ever and it was lovely to hear her again. We had been warned there would be lots of stopping and starting as they were videoing the gig but as the band and Molara were so tight there wasn't much of that! Even when Molara & Colin's daughter joined them on stage they remained truly professional!

The band left the stage and Colin and Molara did some Powersteppers sound system tunes which started turning the vibe from reggae to dubstep.

After Molara went off we were treated to the MCing skills of Mr Hank Marvin to some dubstep tunes who was joined on the mic by a couple of the Dubmerge crew.

Brilliant night, great tunes, good company! Well worth the 400 miles I travelled in all that day! Woops my carbon footprint is massive now, I shall be staying in this weekend! One Love xxx Pictures below........


Colin Powerstepper

Molara & Dubmerge


Molara & Colin Powerstepper

Hank Marvin


Clint Iguana said…
From the photo it looks like the mystery vocalist might be one of the original dubmerge crew who, if memory serves me right, went by the name of something like Daddy Spliff. I might be wrong though, it is a very long time since i saw them with the original line up.

That first Dubmerge album, 'Wake Up' remains one of my all time favourites.

Another ex member, Markus, can be found making music under the name Dubrovnik. http://www.myspace.com/dubrovniktheband
Sam Van Dweller said…
yeh you're right mr. iguana he was an original dubmerge member. have heard of dubrovnik, will check them out, thanks x